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Pahayag ng Pangulo: Henri Malosse, Pangulo ng European Economic and Social Committee




maxresdefaultEuropa, Egypt at mga demokratikong halaga: Walang mga kompromiso! 

“My expectation of Europe on the question of Egypt is that it demonstrates the determination to speak audibly, strongly and unambiguously in favour of the defence of democratic institutions, religious pluralism, civil liberties and economic and social cohesion. Europe must make it clear that it disapproves of the ongoing repression in Egypt.

“The end never justifies the means, especially when they are casualties among innocent women and children! And for that, it must assume a meaningful role in the conflict which is dividing the local population and use its influence to ease tensions.  This is why today’s meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU should not deliver a simple and useless message of wishful thinking. We must tell the Egyptians that we are at their side. And the means of action are available. Stopping or suspending a portion of the financial assistance paid by the EU authorities, while maintaining aid to the people. Challenging agreements in the field of defense and security. Generalising at the European level the decisions by some countries, such as Germany and Italy, to freeze their arms exports as proposed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino.

“The only possible position for Europe is one that will be supported by all those who admire us for the universal values which we stand for. Let us not forget that Egypt is a Euro-Mediterranean partner with which Europe maintains numerous and lasting diplomatic and economic relations. We are the leading trading partner of this country, a fact speaking for the strength of the relationship between the socio-economic actors in the EU and Egypt.  The European Economic and Social Committee maintains close relationships with employers, unions and other civil society organisations in Egypt. The EU is also traditionally one of the main providers of aid to the Egyptians.

“This position gives us a responsibility! That is why I call on the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU to take a clear and firm position. The dialogue must be restored with all the political forces in the country which accept to follow the rules of democracy but also with all legitimate actors of civil society, without conditions, nor pretexts! The state of emergency must be lifted!  Lady Ashton should immediately go back to Cairo to impose this dialogue.  We all stand in solidarity with Egyptian civil society!”

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