At the Xi-Trump meeting in G20, Osaka (29 June), Japan became the focus of the world, affecting both the global political and business circles. The a-year-long Sino-US trade negotiation has not only cast a “white horror” on Sino-US trade and the world economy, but also has pinned the entire world’s industrial value chain. Liberalism and government intervention into the economy are intertwined to play around in both the East and West.

This Xi-Trump meeting, although with the announcement of Trump that USA will not continue to increase tariffs on Chinese products, and agreed to continue negotiations and allow US technology giants to continue to supply Huawei, but in fact in my views this is just only a break during this white horror movie. It was also Trump’s move to win votes for his American people in his 2020 election and to inject a life-saving needle into the big American companies. However, it is worthy of China’s vigilance that this wave of suppression of China’s manufacturing, China’s economy and China’s development in science and technology has no longer driven by the view of Trump, but has quietly developed into the only consensus theme of the two parties of the United States.

This century’s drama, let’s put it in this way, firstly, shouldn’t be the contest between the dead and live within the big countries’ game, because it will hurt both sides incl. self and others. This would be the worst result in the game. Secondly, there has no absolute liberalism and market economy, and there is no absolute planned economy and government intervened economy. What we have learned in textbooks cannot completely interpret the reality. The comparison between capitalism and socialism is not about I am good and you are bad, not about I live and you die, but is about whether we can learn from each other and create a common market-social theory system together.

Siyempre, upang mapabulaanan, ang aktwal na sitwasyon ay ang interpretasyon ng kapangyarihan sa mga unibersal na halaga sa makasaysayang pampulitikang sangkatauhan ay naging kampi na ginagamit. Ito ay malamang at inaasahan na ang kapangyarihan ng agham at teknolohiya at ang tamang unibersal na katalinuhan ay masira ang gayong mga pampulitikang pagkakamali at malulutas ang mahirap na sitwasyon sa pampulitika at pang-ekonomiyang laro.

The marathon of the Sino-US game has just begun. The evolution of Sino-US relations will continue to ferment and fuel the restructuring of the world. Such a refuelling might hurt you and me in the short term, but from a long historical perspective, such a “mess” will transform to a positive force to help us reflect our past, present and future.