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Ang Founder ng NJoy Payments na si Anatoly Makeshin ay nagrekomenda ng 5 teknolohiya para sa pagtaas ng mga online na benta




A small manufacturer’s or merchant’s website can be an excellent complement to their sales on marketplaces. The founder of an innovative PSP provider NJoy Payments Anatoly Makeshin recommends the techniques and services you’ll need to make your website an effective and modern sales tool, differentiating it advantageously from competitors.

1) Pagkuha ng Audience para sa Website: Standard search engine optimization (SEO) for keywords related to your products is essential. However, what’s even more critical is the need to distinguish yourself from other merchants. Your product descriptions shouldn’t resemble standard Amazon product listings; they should possess a unique edge. For example, IT companies can assist in creating a 3D model of your product, allowing buyers to rotate it in space and inspect it from all angles before making a purchase. NJoy Payments recommends integrating a one-click payment widget for impulse buyers, as approximately half of online purchases are impulsive. It’s also beneficial to have engaging content on your site, such as videos showcasing your product and highlighting its differences from competitors.

2) Conversion ng Mga Query sa Paghahanap sa Mga Pagbili: It’s crucial that customers can find what they need on your site. AI-powered search is the ideal solution for this purpose. Traditional text-based searches may fail to yield results if a specific word is not present in the product description. In contrast, AI-based searches can identify semantically relevant terms and offer options like PC, laptop, or tablet for a search term such as “computer.” AI search can also rectify grammatical errors in searches, such as in the name of a French wine, which a user might misspell without knowledge of the language. AI search is forward-looking, with ongoing developments that will enable product recommendations based on image similarity rather than identical keywords.

3) Maginhawang Serbisyo sa Pagpapatunay: Every merchant desires to understand their customers to provide personalized offers. However, most people find it irksome when each merchant requests them to fill out online forms and provide personal information. It’s far more convenient when a universal authentication service is available, where the individual is already registered. By collaborating with such an institution to utilize their ID on your store’s website, you enhance customer convenience. They won’t waste time completing forms, and you’ll still possess their information to make personalized offers. Some payment services, like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout, already offer pre-filled forms, and NJoy Payments is actively working on similar solutions.

4) Maaasahang Pagkuha ng Internet: Hindi tulad ng tradisyonal na pamimili, ang mga online na pagbili ay naa-access 24/7. Samakatuwid, ang pagkakaroon ng isang maaasahang provider ng pagbabayad na gumagana nang maayos at walang aberya ay napakahalaga. Kung nabigo ang isang online na pagbabayad, madidismaya ang mamimili at maaaring lumipat sa ibang merchant. Mas gusto ng ilang customer na magbayad gamit ang debit o credit card, habang ang iba ay pinapaboran ang mga bank transfer. Maaaring makita ng ilan na mas maginhawa ang mga electronic wallet tulad ng PayPal, habang ang iba ay maaaring mag-opt para sa mga paglilipat sa pamamagitan ng European SEPA system. Halimbawa, ang NJoy Payments ay mag-aalok ng mga handa na solusyon sa BNPL mula sa ilang provider, na nagpapahintulot sa mga customer na magbayad para sa mga kalakal nang installment. Kung mas malawak ang hanay ng mga available na opsyon sa pagbabayad, mas mapapalaki mo ang mga online na benta.

5) Napapanahong Paghahatid: Following the surge in online order deliveries during the pandemic, customers have become increasingly demanding regarding delivery times. In the food and grocery sector, some services even offer ultrafast (within 15 minutes) delivery. If your products are not related to food, customers may still expect prompt delivery. To boost online sales, it’s crucial to have a logistics partner that ensures timely delivery. This could be a national postal service, owner of parcel lockers, or a courier delivery company in regions where your online customers reside. As with internet acquiring, offering a variety of delivery options gives customers more choices.


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